Outline and evaluate research into the

Outline and evaluate research (studies and theories) into the role of emotional factors in memory

It can be argued that personality differences determine susceptibility to stress and how well people can cope with it. Both methods lead to similar results. It is it lowest around 4: There are also other factors we must consider which affect whether people conform.

But, such studies can be used to help gain further understanding of how our circadian rhythms work.

A study showing the effect of age on EWT was carried out by Flin et al, he asked children and adults the same questions about an incident they had witnessed, one day after the event and then again after five months.

Thus the study might be measuring the attitudes of that time period and conducting the same study in a different time period could bring different results. Define schema theory Cognitive theory of processing and organizing information.

It is not possible to see how knowledge is processed and stored in the brain, but the concept of schema theory helps psychologists understand and discuss what cannot be seen.

They are mental representations of categories from our knowledge, beliefs and expectations about particular aspects of the world such as people, objects, events, and situations. He found that recalled stories were distorted and altered in various ways making it more conventional and acceptable to their own cultural perspective rationalization.

Schema theory can describe how specific knowledge is organised and stored in memory so that it can be retrieved. Next Outline and evaluate research into the effects of age on the accuracy of eyewitness testimony.? Sherif conducted a study to test this theory in which he put the participants in a darkened room with a stationary point of light and asked them to say how much the light seemed to move and in what direction, with the participants giving their individual answers.

His survey of obeisance was done in a lab in Yale University and the experimenter wore a long Grey coat which reinforced his authorization and position. Also when the task was made more difficult, conformity increased.

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The type of task is also a factor, if the task is difficult or ambiguous; people are more likely to defer to other people or a group and conform as the person believes the group has more information and is right, whereas if the task is easy and unambiguous the person is more likely to resist conforming.

Tested their memory of the story using serial reproduction and repeated reproduction, where they were asked to recall it six or seven times over various retention intervals. However this essay will be discussing the two main theories as to why people conform, Informational Social Influence and Normative Social Influence as well as other factors that can affect as to why people conform.

Evaluate schema theory with reference to research studies. The attitudes of that particular period can affect the results and may not hold true today.

‘Outline and evaluate the Restoration Theory as a function of sleep.’ (8 marks + 16 marks)

People who come from a collectivist culture are more likely to conform then someone from an individualistic culture as the collectivist culture focuses on group mentality and places the needs of the group over the needs of the individual, so a study in a highly individualistic culture like America can yield different results then conducting the same study in a highly collectivist culture such as China.

Another factor is the time period the study was conducted in.

Outline and Evaluate Research Into Privation

This highlights the presence of an internal circadian clock but also highlights the importance of exogenous zeitgebers to regulate rhythms as his circadian rhythms were not maintained at 24 hours.Outline and evaluate research into conformity One study into conformity would be sheriff’s auto kinetic effect experiment.

Sheriffs aim was to demonstrate that people conform to group norms when they are put into an ambiguous situation. Outline and evaluate research into the effects of privation.

Privation is the failure to form an attachment, this may be due to extremely poor parenting or prolonged stays away from a potential attachment figure e.g. in a hospital. Outline & evaluate research into the relationship between the immune system and stress-related illness (12) AO1 - COHEN ET AL investigated the role of general life stress on vulnerability to the common cold virus.

participants completed questionnaires on the. Outline and evaluate research studies into conformity. (12 marks) A research done in conformity was conducted by Sherif.

He did a lab experiment where he asked participants to watch a non-moving light in a dark room. The light appeared to move when in fact it was a visual illusion.

Participants were asked to estimate the movement of the light. May 05,  · 6 Outline two behaviours that are characteristic of a securely attached infant. (2 marks) 9 Outline and evaluate research into the effects of day care on social development (eg aggression, peer relations) (12 marks) • Due to ethical issues it is impossible to carry out research into the effects of day care experimentally.

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Charlie cooper aojiru-repo.com StudyWise: A-Level Psychology Revision Outline and evaluate research into institutional aggression (8 and 16 marks).

Outline and evaluate research into the
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