Diverticulitis case study


Clinical improvement should occur within days, and the diet can then be advanced as tolerated. But there is no evidence to back up this recommendation, and nuts and seeds are high-fiber foods, which are good for people with diverticular disease.

The colon may become partly or totally blocked if infection has caused scarring. Fleming and Gillen also found in the above study that risk factors for reversal complications included being a current smoker, having a low preoperative albumin level, and allowing a prolonged period of time to pass between the Hartmann and reversal procedures.

After that patient, I resolved to get more serious about my internal questioning Diverticulitis case study seeing patients. It requires immediate antibiotic treatment.

If you have severe pain or an infection, though, you may need to be treated in a hospital so antibiotics can be given intravenously into a vein. A case report of strangulated umbilical hernia with Meckel's diverticulum has also been published in the literature. Historically, low-fiber diets were felt to play a role in the development of diverticulosis.

Carrots, beets, grapes, apples, lettuce and watercress can be juiced and enjoyed during this stage. Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids have been associated with a greater risk of colon perforation and should be avoided whenever possible.

Depending on the degree of scarring and the extent of blockage, a colon resection may be needed. The most common surgical procedure for diverticulitis is resection of the large intestine.

The usual presentation of a diverticulum perforation is acute abdominal pain and peritonitis. These include irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, appendicitis, and Crohn's disease. Maintaining a healthy balance of protein, fiber, and fresh fruits and vegetables is essential for keeping diverticulitis from flaring up.

At that moment, you will be put on a liquid diet, which will eventually progress to a soft diet. No one knows for certain why diverticulosis develops; however, a few theories have been suggested.

Differential Diagnosis

Therefore, it is no longer recommended that people with diverticulosis or diverticulitis avoid these foods. If the colon is blocked completely, emergency medical intervention is needed.

If you begin to experience a fever, nausea or vomiting, bleeding, increased redness, pains, abnormal coughs, or jaundice, you should see your doctor right away.

The colostomy is usually temporary. A diverticulum inside a Meckel's diverticulum daughter diverticula Stones and phytobezoar a bezoar of vegetable fibers in Meckel's diverticulum Pathophysiology[ edit ] Meckel's diverticulum surgical specimen The omphalomesenteric duct omphaloenteric duct, vitelline duct or yolk stalk normally connects the embryonic midgut to the yolk sac ventrally, providing nutrients to the midgut during embryonic development.

It is a remnant of the connection from the yolk sac to the small intestine present during embryonic development. People with diverticulitis can develop related complications including: Emergency colectomy is performed when severe complications arise or when the patient does not respond to medical treatment.

Flushing Intestinal Obstruction With A Liquid Diet

Perforation — a hole in the colon that allows bowel contents to leak into the abdomen.This article takes an evidence-based look at what diet changes help to manage diverticulitis, as well as some common myths about foods to avoid.

Summary points: CT scan is the gold standard means of investigation for acute diverticulitis and helps classify the stage of disease. Evidence to support outpatient treatment of uncomplicated diverticulitis is beginning to appear, however hospital admission and treatment with broad spectrum intravenous antibiotics is often required.

A study of the colon disease finds results that contradict the conventional medical wisdom, including that eating fat and meat makes its onset more likely.

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Patient: Edna Meyer 62 y.o. female. CONCEPT MAP ON DIVERTICULITIS & Bile salts, aspirin, alcohol, NSAIDS, and ischemia DIVERTICULOSIS Case Study Congestive Heart Failure Patho] Uploaded by. Melissa Joie Silva. Diverticulitis.

Uploaded by. Chai Cosme. Multiple Myeloma. Randomized Clinical Trial to Compare the Treatment of Mild Acute Diverticulitis With or Without Antibiotics The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study .

Diverticulitis case study
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