Cultures the case of genital mutilation

FGM is often motivated by beliefs about what is considered acceptable sexual behaviour. Others, such as the late rector of Al-Azhar University, Sheikh Gad al-Haq, said that since the Prophet did not ban female circumcision, it was permissible and, at the very least, could not be banned.

Genital modification and mutilation

Where it is believed that being cut increases marriageability, FGM is more likely to be carried out. Penile subincisionor splitting of the underside of the penis, is widespread in the traditional cultures of Indigenous Australians.

The estimate Cultures the case of genital mutilation based on a study conducted on 28, women attending delivery wards at 28 obstetric centres in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Sudan. For example, in the northeastern regions of Ethiopia and Kenya, which share a border with Somalia, the Somali people practise FGM at around the same rate as they do in Somalia.

In the case of Type III, other factors include how small a hole was left for the passage of urine and menstrual blood, whether surgical thread was used instead of agave or acacia thorns, and whether the procedure was performed more than once for example, to close an opening regarded as too wide or re-open one too small.

Vesicovaginal or rectovaginal fistulae can develop holes that allow urine or faeces to seep into the vagina. They have to take this decision at the same time and follow it through. This attracted my attention so much because, as said in the reading, it is a controversial topic, and also because it is not really something you hear people talk about a lot or write about that often.

Penis enlargement is a term for various techniques used to attempt to increase the size of the penis, though the safety and efficacy of these techniques are debated. Most surgeries involving children with ambiguous genitalia are sexually damaging and may render them infertile.

The prevalence rate for the 0—11 group in Indonesia is 49 percent Hijraa third gender found in the Indian subcontinentmay opt to undergo castration. In India, Andhra Pradesh a 75 year old surgeon working at the kurnool government hospital in kadappa named as naganna was arrested by the CB-CID for conducting forced sex change surgeries on kidnapped victims for nearly a decade by using a nationwide network of hijrastransgenders.

The fact that certain ethical principles are not accepted in some African or other societies does not mean that they do not apply. I am convinced though that the answer is NOT found in holding a big stick over parents who circumcise their daughters and throwing them in jail. But in countries where more than one survey has been done, it does appear that the number of girls who have been cut is slowly reducing.

In a sense you have to go about changing the values themselves. An adult individual may opt for increasing the size of her hymenal opening, or removal of the hymen altogether, to facilitate sexual penetration of her vagina.

There are cultural habits, traditions, social backgrounds.

What is female genital mutilation and where does it happen?

The writers argue that such criticism is ethnocentric. When a vaginal opening is covered or narrowed type 3the fear of the pain of opening it, and the fear that this will be found out, is expected to further discourage extramarital sexual intercourse among women with this type of FGM.

Girls in Uganda are told they may have difficulty giving birth without stretched labia. Although it is illegal, people continue to do it. Feminists, as well as other people are against these practices.

In Decemberthe United Nations general assembly unanimously voted to work for the elimination of FGM throughout the world. FGM is therefore a global concern. Where this process is successful, the social status and marriage prospects of young girls are not damaged as they could be if their families acted alone.

In those settings all types of FGM were found to pose an increased risk of death to the baby: Antonio Olmos Between million and million women and girls are thought to be living with the consequences of female genital mutilation, according to the World Health Organisation.

WHO efforts to eliminate female genital mutilation focus on: Posted on September 19, by andrewd What really caught my attention as I began reading this article was when I saw that female genital mutilation FGM was going to be part of what this passage is going to be about.Feb 07,  · Female genital mutilation is a classic example of a practice that is proscribed in some cultures, but permitted in others.

The historian Herodotus described the contrasting practices of two cultures towards their dead. View Nussbaum from PHIL 13 at University of California, San Diego.

4 J UDGING OTHER CULTURES The Case of Genital Mutilation In June. Between million and million women and girls are thought to be living with the consequences of female genital mutilation, according to the World Health Organisation.

May 02,  · Michigan Case Adds U.S. Dimension to Debate on Genital Mutilation The first-ever charges in America call attention to the practices of a small Muslim sect, and have women coming forward to describe their experiences.

Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia.

The practice is found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and within communities from countries in which FGM is common. The third argument says that female genital mutilation is equal in morality to dieting and body shaping in the Western culture.

However, there are several basic differences between the two practices. The first difference is that while dieting and body shaping is completely voluntary, genital mutilation is an involuntary procedure.

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Cultures the case of genital mutilation
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